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Claymation Night with the STLP

April 30, 2012

On Friday, April 27th, some of Layne’s STLP ( Student Technology Leadership Program) stayed after school to learn how to create Claymation using Stop Motion Animation. Students were put into small groups and were given the task of creating a story on a Math Concept or a Life Cycle. Students used Claytoon Clay and other props to make their characters and scenes come to life. In our 4 hour session, students were able to create the sets, make the characters and take photos to make the movie. Students will work over the next few weeks of school to complete their movie so it can be shared.  Students will use the software Program Frames 4 by Tech4learning to complete their movies. We will let you know when they are published.

The STLP would like to thank everyone that helped to make this night a success. Thank you to the parents who came and helped ( Ms. Dunlap and Ms. Allen).  Thank you to the staff members that stayed to help out- Ms. Ramsey, Ms. Sorrels, and Mrs. VanCleave. Thank you to everyone that made this night possible.

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